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TommyBoy Syringe Shields

TommyBoy3 Syringe Shield

Made in the USAEncased in a non-slip grip, this ergonomically designed coating offers functional protection for a leaded viewing window. ISOTECH Syringe Shields are made from a proprietary compound of radiation shielding materials that are injection molded to form the main body. Leaded acrylic is protected by the contoured high density protective grip to reduce the need to replace glass.

Designed with the technologist in mind, these shields are engineered to be safe, durable and user-friendly.

TommyBoy3 Activity

Above, the effective gamma ray shielding of the TommyBoy3 3cc Syringe Shield was obtained from standard ionization chamber (dose calibrator) assays of the radioisotope Technetium-99m (140 keV). Comparison activities are referenced in Millicuries (mCi).

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The Tommy Boy Syringe Shields are intended for use by trained Nuclear Medicine Professionals as an aid in reducing exposure during preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals.

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